Attention Washington State Retailers!

The Hunt is Over – Gioia Luisa is Back!

Young’s Market has teamed up with Gioia Luisa and now offers Gioia
Luisa’s Lemoncello and Orangecello to the trade!

Fresh from the sun-drenched orchards in Sorrento, Italy, Gioia Luisa
offers both the Original Lemoncello andOrangecello via Young’s Market.
These fine liqueurs are produced using “Sorrentine Ovale” lemons and
oranges cultivated in enriched volcanic soil created with the

assistance of Mt. Vesuvius.These liqueurs each open the palette with
bright juice -avor blending a touch of acidity and sweetness then
leaves a delightful growing after-mouth feel, Gioia Luisa Lemoncello
and Orangecello are a “must-have” culinary ingredient in any perfectly
stocked kitchen and bar!

Contact your local Young?s Market area sales representative to place
your order or call


Youngs Market

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