Gioia Luisa Lemoncello Shines Bright, Adds Orangecello to Product Line

Gioia Luisa Lemoncello Shines Bright, Adds Orangecello to
Product Line

Monday, May 21, 2007
source: Herald

By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Danny DeVito’s tipsy November
appearance on The View, where he blamed his inebriation on an all night
drinking binge with his pal, George Clooney… “I knew that it was the
last seven lemoncellos that was gonna get me…” said Devito.

For your entertainment, the clip can be viewed at: YouTube – Devito
on “The View”

Lemoncello extended its fifteen minutes of fame into January, when
punk-pop singer/songwriter Avril Lavigne declared that she not only
wrote the song “I Can Do Better” (appearing on her third record) while
intoxicated after consuming half a bottle of lemoncello, but she also
recorded the song drunk. She even mentions the affair in the song’s
second verse: “I will drink as much lemoncello as I can, and I’ll do it
again and again.”

Considering the

well-documented sales increases for certain Cognacs and Champagnes
after being referenced in rap lyrics, all of this recent attention can
only help the category, so you may want to give it a more careful look.
With that in mind, please allow me to direct you to Lemoncello from
Sorrento,the Land of the Lemon, written by yours truly.

Our own import, Gioia Luisa, with its trademark satin finish
octagonal bottle, was the first lemoncello in the U.S. and, in my
humble opinion, maintains its perch as the best quality product in the

Not content to rest on her laurels,Signora Luisa continues to add new
products to her line.

By adding a touch of cream to the “Original Gioia Luisa Lemoncello”,
a lighter version of this fine elixir was created.

With less than half the alcohol level of our Original Lemoncello
(17%,) Gioia Luisa Lemoncello Creme offers a smooth,

light, rich lemony tasting liqueur with the added touch of cream!

The cocktail possibilites are many, but I have a clear favorite…
For a brunchy alternative to Mimosas and Bellinis, you simply can’t do
any better than an Italian Delight: Shake 3 parts orange juice and one
part Gioia Luisa Creme Lemoncello with ice, strain into a chilled glass
and garnish with an orange slice.

New for 2007 is Gioia Luisa’s Orangecello, produced with “Sorrentine”
oranges, cultivated in the same rich volcanic soil as our lemons. Gioia
Luisa Orangecello blossoms with bright juice flavor that blends a touch
of acidity and

sweetness, leaving a delightful, lingering finish. Store in the freezer
and serve neat, or mix in cocktails such as the Oranjito…

Gioia Luisa products are distributed in Florida by The Opici Wine
Company. Additional information can be found at Gioia Luisa America.

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