Why Gioia Luisa

Creation of Lemoncello

The creation of Lemoncello is based on traditional process utilizing advanced technologies that are of the highest standards found today. Automation has replaced the laborious hand peeling of lemons by devoted Sorrento women.

During immersion, the alchemistical characteristics from the region’s exclusive volcanic soil are invoked as the magical transformation of Gioia Luisa Lemoncello begins. Within a short period, the enhanced flavors of the special skins penetrate the simple alcohol. The process is natural yet very delicate.

With fresh, vine-ripened lemons and simple ingredients like water and suger, the magical process of capturing the essence of the rind oil results in creating the finely balanced digestive known as Lemoncello. Pleasing on the palette with its aromatic, lemony bouquet, Lemoncello is best lemonsserved chilled from the freezer. Lemoncello is sure to make any occasion special. Lemoncello Creme and Orangecello are also made with the same care and attention as that used in the producing Gioia Luisa Lemoncello. You can trust the name of Gioia Luisa to combine traditional methods with modern technology to supply quality products for years to come.

Limone di Sorrento

This exclusive insignia is only available when the ‘production formula’ for Lemoncello meets the highest standards set forth by the Italian limoncello producing consortium.


  • All lemons used in the liqueur must come from the protected geographic designation of the Sorrento / Amalfi region.
  • The defined ratio between kilos of lemon peels to liters of alcohol is followed.
  • Gioia Luisa SrL is one of the few producers in Italy to follow these strict guidelines.

Why Select Gioia Luisa Lemoncello?

Lemoncello Lemon Comparison

  • Gioia Luisa is one of the founding companies that established the IGP registration for the lemon orchards grown in the Amalfi Coast.
    Note: IGP is the equivalent to the DOCG used for Italian Wines.
  • Gioia Luisa uses lemon peels grown exclusively from IGP orchards.
  • Gioia Luisa has one of the highest concentrations of lemon peels per gallon of alcohol on the market today.
  • Gioia Luisa does not use any flavorings to enhance the taste.
  • Gioia Luisa wins in taste, bouquet and overall mouth feel competitions.
  • Gioia Luisa helped established the “Lemoncello” category in the USA market since 1996.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pronounce the name?

Joy-a Loo-ees-a

How are these liqueurs created?

Using the peels of the distinctive Sorrentine fruit, the production of Lemoncello, Orangecello, and Lemoncello Crème is based on a traditional process utilizing advanced technologies that are of the highest standards found today. Within seconds of the fruit being peeled, the skins are immersed into tanks containing pure grain alcohol. The infusion process takes approximately four days. Once complete, water and sugar is blended in, which is followed by multiple filtrations. These multiple filtrations are a key step in creating Gioia Luisa’s exquisite liqueurs. Pomecello is produced in the same distinctive style. Pomecello is created from pomegranate fruit. The liqueur has unique flavors that start out sweet on the palate and finish crisp and clean. Pomecello mixes superbly with white liquors, and adds intriguing flavors to culinary recipes.

How do you store Gioia Luisa liqueurs?

Lemoncello and Orangecello should be stored in the freezer, while Lemoncello Crème should be stored in the refrigerator. All unopened bottles of Lemoncello, Lemoncello Crème and Orangecello will last several years if stored in a cool, dry place.

What is the alcohol content?

Lemoncello and Orangecello both are 60 proof, while Lemoncello Crème is 34 proof.

What makes Gioia Luisa Lemoncello superior over other Lemoncello liqueurs?

In addition to the essence and the rich Amalfi soil, the concentration level of lemon peels used per kilo of grain alcohol is far greater than almost every other Lemoncello and Lemoncello Crème currently in the market place. In some productions, Gioia Luisa Lemoncello can use as much as 10 times the kilos of lemon peels per liter of alcohol the others. We do use not additives or artificial flavors.

Where can I buy Gioia Luisa liqueurs?

Gioia Luisa liqueurs are distributed throughout the United States. If you cannot find Gioia Luisa liqueurs in your marketplace, send us an e-mail and we’ll do our best to rectify that.

Where can I find recipes for cocktails and cooking?

Each bottle of Gioia Luisa liqueurs have a recipe tag with several food and cocktail recipes listed. In addition, extensive recipe lists can be found for both cocktail and food on our website.

Why citrus from Sorrento?

Citrus from the Sorrento Peninsula /Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy, is like no other. The eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and the rich soil that resulted, along with warm Mediterranean days and cool evenings, gives rise to perfect conditions for fruit trees to thrive. The land is so fertile and the weather so ideal, the trees in this region produce new crops three times per year with harvests that explode with flavor and aroma.

Why is the essence so important?

From within the citrus skins grown in the Sorrento region the natural bouquet and refreshing feel of the fruit is discovered. These thick, effervescent rinds are alive with flavor and aroma, which will awaken your senses. When infused with the perfect combination of alcohol, water, and sugar, the rinds transform into Gioia Luisa’s crisp Lemoncello, creamy Lemoncello Crème, and smooth Orangecello.

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